How ICO works?

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Discovery has already been done to new ways of raising funds – ICO. The craze of ICO has already taken over the market and subsets of technology. ICO basically deals with selling of new digital currency or tokens to get in return the raise for the respective company. And you will be amazed to know, it is been legally accepted in many countries. It is functioning smoothly serving as a source of capital to many startup companies. Let’s see how to start an ICO:

Undoubtedly, ICO has emerged as a new innovative way for fundraising over the traditional financial system. The first basic step involves establishing a new blockchain technology. The creators now start mining the coins for further selling and deciding the particulars of tokens. A white paper is drafted mentioning certain sets of protocols and conditions to be fulfilled.

Next, marketing campaigns are launched through cryptocurrency websites to provide momentum. Soon the ICO data is unveiled. A definite period of time is given for raising funds on cryptocurrency exchange, after which the sale closes. The investors receive tokens and the process of trading currency starts, making it a legal tender. Thereupon, the outline of the documentation process is done depending upon the investor’s domicile. Once the process is done, the exchanges of tokens may commence, the investors providing them funds through cryptocurrency. Though, how to launch blockchain seems easy with this simplified summary, in actual a lot of work is going on the back end.

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