ICO alerts and media ICOs

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ICO alerts is a source that analyses the active ICOs as well as ones in the near future. It helps us determine how much it would benefit us in terms of returns. It tells us if an ICO is worth the investment or not. With its help people can make smart choices and invest in the correct ICOs. Media ICO platforms have seen a hike in number nowadays. Some of them are created for free access to content and for such platforms regular updates are necessary which is possible through ICO alerts

Two of such media ICO are discussed below

DECENT: In some countries certain content such as news, music etc. are blocked from the citizens by the government. This internet censorship has been on the rise for a while now. Decentralizing the blocked content is the only way to tackle this censorship. DECENT ICO prevented government from blocking access to content by giving a distributed ledger. The token from decent ICO is used to pay for content of other users and publish one’s own content.

CURRENT: Current integrates popular media platforms like Spotify, YouTube and soundcloud into a one platform. This enhances the user’s experience. Here users get access to all the videos and songs for free. The premium subscription fee is not levied and content creators gets an extra revenue source. There is a free current app in IOS play store. Current ICO token is a utility token that is exchanged within the current ecosystem.

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