Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies only to the ICO Juiceand does not govern the separate websites, applications, newsletters, platforms and services.


If you are a parent or guardian, we encourage you to become involved in your children’s online experience, and to share your knowledge and experience with your young ones. If you are under 13, please do not register for the ICO Juiceor provide us with any contact or other information, including your name, address or email address. If you are between the ages of 13 and 18, you must obtain permission from your parent or guardian before registering for the ICO Juiceor otherwise sending any contact or other information to ICO Juice.

Information You Provide Directly Through Our Services

We and our service providers collect a variety of contact and other information about you that you provide directly through our Services, including your name, email address, postal address, telephone number, password, age, country of residence, communications and content preferences.


We and our service providers may use the information collected from you to Manage, administer, promote, analyze and improve our Services, respond to your questions or messages, customize the content you see and hear, recognize you as the same user.


We may share your name, email address and other personal information:


If you do not consent to the collection, use or sharing of information as described in the Privacy Policy, please do not use the ICO Juiceor provide us with information.